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How fantastic does it need to be?

Just returned from a wonderful week in England, where we surprised my brother by turning up for his wedding. It was a delightful few days, spent with family in the seaside town of Whitstable.
Returning, there are two more responses from agents saying how much they like the writing, with words like “enjoyable”, “compelling” and even “fantastic elements” followed by the apology for not taking it forward. So Zev presses on, waiting, in this part of the world, for Spring to arrive.


Spring sprang here for a couple of days, revealing shrubs and trees I’d almost forgotten. Then with a sudden extra drop of temperature and rain, it sprang back again. However long it takes, we know the inevitability of new growth and emergence. It’s just like the new novel emerging from Zev Bagel’s computer. 12,000 words in and I’m entering deep into the mind of the character who is living in his fictional world. What’s he going to do today? Like the weather, let’s wait and see.

The final storm of winter?

The lights are back on! And the heat!!! After 32 hours without power from a vicious ice-storm that swept through Shediac, we are have every reason to be thankful for the services we do have, when we have them, and our own inner resources. Nothing wrong with baked beans heated on top of the propane gas heater. The day everything went out coincided with the day Zev Bagel decided to begin another novel. The result, pen and paper and real (if somewhat scrawly) writing, and nearly ten pages to start with. Still waiting for that agent to get back to me, but another book is begun.

After the storm

Yesterday a massive snow-storm swept through here. Winds of over 100 kph hurled the snow into huge piles and obliterated anything beyond an arm’s length from the window. This morning, I can just peek over the top of a snow-drift that accumulated outside my window and see the bay, still iced over, shimmering blue-white under the clear sky. It was a great day for writing while that storm kept us house-bound. Yet I didn’t write a word, apart from compiling a cryptic crossword puzzle. Writing of a sort, and a great way to keep the mind from stagnating.

And another day has gone by without a word from the agent who is going over my latest manuscript. That’s one week, which seems like six. Another two weeks to wait before she told me she would get back to me. That’s another dozen or so crosswords to devise! Or the muse will kick in and I’ll start another book, although snow-shoeing seems another good option right now.

Moving to fiction

When is a writer a writer? Odd that, with seventeen published books of non-fiction, I am just now beginning to see myself as a “real” writer. Why? Because I have turned to fiction and, with four, as yet unpublished novels lurking inside my computer, it feels as though I am about to gain that title rightfully. And, along with my transition to fiction, I have adopted the pen name Zev Bagel. He is the fiction writer. My other name, the one that’s always been with me, is Warren Redman.

So this – my first blog under my “real writer’s” name – and you are the first of the readers of this new blog. I’ll write something each week and will welcome your comments and questions and feedback.

Unlike my novels, I promise to keep the blogs short (like this one). And unlike so many blogs I’ve seen, I promise to say nothing if I’ve nothing to say.